Vizit (°1995) was set up in Ghent to offer visitors a pleasant way to appreciate the city. We started out on a very small scale. Meanwhile, our team of guides is touring in no less than 13 cities! What all our tours have in common is their predilection for the stories that make each city into what it is.
is the ideal Vizit city: flamboyant and rebellious in the past, bustling and full of life in the present. In short, Ghent has everything to charm and dazzle anyone from 5 till 105.

Tip! We organise tours for individual visitors on a regular basis. Every Saturday we organise a Nibbling tour and an Amuse Gueule tour through Ghent. Travelling alone, as a couple or with a small group of friends? Join us and discover Ghent! More information >>>

Broodje Gent

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