Every town has its peculiarities, colorful areas, anecdotal or heroic themes... Choose a city and discover all possible facets!

Here is a town full of tall tales and particular characters. That’s probably why the city of Aalst knows how to honour its writers, typesetters and printers… Luckily, also our guides are fond of good storytelling: about the city’s rich history, onions and hops, tons of misery, and the jolly reputation of party-crazy crossdressing animals during the infamous carnival.
Antwerp-born people seem to believe their dialect was chosen by God as the basic language for any other language ever created. Fascinating. But don’t let our guides fool you: “boast” is just another word for the local dialect, and sure there are more sensible things to tell about this mayor city. Go check out more big/small stories about Antwerp!
Many have romantic sentiments when visiting this pretty medieval looking town, and therefore Bruges gets to take in a lot of visitors. By choosing one of our guided tours, you might discover a pleasant village, with more or less known nice spots, that also happens to be a city, with fine local delicacies, good restaurants… If you try an evening walk, you might enjoy the peacefulness and enchanting atmosphere even more.
Our guides like to infect you with their enthusiasm for the often misunderstood capital city. Tap into their love for the historic heart of Brussels, or explore less known areas like Matonge, Marolles, Vismet, … Every quarter is rich in unique stories, the ideal ingredients for a guided VIZIT tour.
The fastest way to South of Europe? That’s the highway to Genk. An exuberant mozaic of cultures around the old mineshafts has given a unique local flair to the markets, squares, shops, restaurants, … With a creative site “C-mine” to keep the cultural pulse going, the city of Genk is surprisingly future-oriented, yet authentic.
Ghent is where VIZIT started on a very small scale. Meanwhile our guides pop up all around: no neighbourhood or theme is disregarded, no local delicacy is overlooked, no good story goes untold. This town, with a rebellious charm and a bittersweet sense of humour, holds all the right cards to startle, intrigue, and amuse its visitors.
“The Capital of Taste”, “Hasselt got it”… the capital of the province of Limburg has been paraphrased a couple of times already. Let our guides take you along beautiful shortcuts to hidden squares and spots of happiness, playful with stories and the history of a great city.
Citizens of Kortrijk may pride themselves in the fact that they the very first car-free shoppingstreet in Belgium. This place must be heaven for shoppers, or strollers in general! On top of that, there is plenty of history to find in these same streets: Battle of the Golden Spurs (1302), heart of flax industry, so-called Texas of Flanders, city of design, a provincial town with very much allure along the river Lys, … In other words, this town is the ideal biotope for city-guides. Book one of ours!
A trip to the university town of Leuven always is a treat: plenty of culture, beautiful age-old buildings, surprisingly charming spots, … But also centuries of young people coming and going, a lot of nightlife, and beer everywhere around, … All of this surely must result in tons of material to keep on telling delightful stories. Over to our guide for an ‘anthology’!
Rebellious inhabitants and cheerful Italians make Liège entertaining. Local delicacies make Liège tasty. Keen restaurants make Liège unusual. A nice-looking historic city centre makes Liège attractive. And our guides make Liège a much-loved place to stroll and to discover.
All roads lead to Rome, but all railroads lead to Mechelen. So don’t miss this train: the city is growing ever more beautiful, safe, social, hip, … and reasonably takes pride in this fact. Mechelen still seems to be on the move…, and that’s an invitation!
This generally peaceful town also knows how to celebrate: being the cultural capital of Europa in 2015 for example. Hats off for Mons! It’s best to ask our guide whether that honorary title has brought changes to the charming city centre. So let us entice you in a hospitable way with a tour full of good stories. On top you will be offered a bit of student liveliness, an eminent mayor, and a little monkey for good fortune…
King Leopold II’s building fever has given Ostend a remaining sense of royal presence. Continuing the same élan, the city offers more and more art, green and gastronomy… But Leopold and his mistress “Blanche” have given the coastal town another heritage, namely a treasure of royal gossip! Let our guides continue on that élan also: a fancy walk with spicy stories.
Together with Ostend, the city of Spa must be the most mundane of all VIZIT-towns: where a sense of vacation always seems to be in the air. The queen of Spa, Maria Henriette, came to cure, and the result is obvious: here, our guides stroll in a most relaxed way, along the most pretty spots, sipping a cup of pure source-water.
The first capital of France, now the largest municipality of Belgium, with the oldest belfry and most beautiful cathedral (no less than five towers!), the only museum designed by Victor Horta… Tournai has so much to boast about! Obviously one will find our guides taking pride in all this cultural heritage, … but also keeping you updated on all the latest novelties.