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"Our guide was fantastic!! She immediately understood the dynamic of the group and perfectly combined stories and history. Our students followed and listened to her with pleasure. We also want to say our guide's selection of shops and restaurants for the nibbling tour was the best we've had yet (chocolates, cheese, cookies at Juliette's and a taste of beer). Excellent! We'd love to do it again with her next semester." (ISA, Brussels)

- Bruges - Sneukelen met stijl

"The visit was perfect and the guide was really thrilling! Many thanks again, everyone was really delighted (by Ghent and this original concept)." (A.N.)

- Ghent - A'petit

"My parents went out on the culinary tour on Saturday and they cannot stop talking about it! They say the guide was wonderful, had so much knowledge and is a fantastic storyteller. They also thoroughly enjoyed all the restaurants he took them to and said the food was fantastic. Thank you very much for all the arrangements and for the fantastic tour you offer!" (C.W.)

- Ghent - Amuse Gueule

"Everbody in my team and I personally enjoyed your event thoroughly and left with very good memories. The guide was top class, as well as the food and the itinerary and we learned a lot about Ghent and Belgium without even noticing it. Thank you very much." (R.C.)

- Ghent - Amuse Gueule met bootjes

"Great guide, restaurants and easy to set-up! Thanks!" (C.S.)

- Bruges - A'petit

"The guide was brilliant, really chilled and passionate about the city. Having been to Brussels a fair few times myself, I learnt quite a few things. Lunch was great too! Most of the clients hadn't been to Brussels so this was great to showcase the city." (E.)

- Brussels - Lunchpromenade

"It was all very enjoyable. We appreciated the fact that the guide was well prepared, had things for the children to do, took us to places that we all found very interesting and had not seen before. I was extremely satisfied that Vizit had understood our requirements and met them perfectly. Thank you! Graffitistreet was a huge hit with the children! Oh, and the sweets and chocolates too... I am very impressed! Great organisation and great tour." (F.L.)

- Ghent - Minitoer | 6-12j

"Thanks for arranging the tour last week. It all went very well and was extremely enjoyable. The guide was excellent. He was extremely accomodating and seemed to be very knowledgeable. All of us enjoyed the afternoon with him - both the touring and the beers that he recommended when we stopped at a café at the end. In all, he gave us exactly the sort of tour that we were looking for and all of us had a great time. Thank you for arranging it all and taking such good care of us!" (C.G.)

- Ghent - Kleine verhalen

"The guide was very flexible and there was a match between her and the group. We liked the stories and the choice of the pubs. The food was also good. Overall, we would recommend the beer walk to others." (KBC)

- Ghent - Bierwandeling

"The beerwalk was great. We had a lot of fun and got a lot of information about Ghent and how different beer can taste. The pubs and the restaurant were great. We really enjoyed this tour. Many thanks to the guide and to your organization." (J.I.)

- Ghent - Bierwandeling

"It was almost perfect, just a little bit too much time we will skip one restaurant. But the restaurants and the food were fine, the start on the boat with sparkling wine was a surprise for everybody, and our guide was really wonderful. Everbody enjoyed. Thanks." (A.)

- Ghent - Amuse Gueule met bootjes

"As usual the guides were superb especially given the bad weather and the age of the children (10 and 11). Our guide had wonderful stories to tell (rather than just dates of events) and a fabulous way of interacting with the children. We appreciated the fact that our guides were able to find cafés for all three groups so that they could warm up! As ever the children particularly enjoyed the castle. All guides spoke excellent English. A real success and the city was looking the best we have ever seen it after years of work. Thank you!" (T.C.H.S.)

- Ghent - Minitoer | 6-12j

"We had a good guide and we enjoyed the walking tour at the Grand Place with the explanation / anecdote from our guide. The menu at the restaurant was well chosen and appreciated by all. Good suggestion from the guide to make everybody have a guess at the ingredients in the cocktail. Brussels waffles very yummy! Great time! Will not hesitate to visit again!" (E.M.)

- Brussels - A'petit voor Geboren Winnaars

"The activity was really a succes, despite the very cold weather we all had a good time, the activities were all real fun and we got tot learn a lot about the city. The choice of restaurants and food was also excellent." (M.F.E.)

- Antwerp - A'petit voor Geboren Winnaars

In a friendly and intimate atmosphere, we were able to enjoy a beautiful tour in Brussels, guided by a lover of history and the city. Really a beautiful way to discover the surroundings and thank you very much for this discovery full of attentions and especially delights thanks to the stops in beautiful settings. A special mention for the wonderful restaurant we visited, beautiful premises and excellent Belgian cuisine. A big thank you, I could only recommend a walk full of anecdote with Vizit. (Nathalie R.)

- Brussels - Amuse Gueule