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This is a shorter version of the "Amuse Gueule" tour: three courses instead of four. We take you to a first restaurant for some appetizers or a starter, and then two more restaurants for the main course and dessert. In between the courses the guide will take you walking, telling you all about the city’s historic facts and trivia...

A'petit can also be supplemented with a theme from our Themes and hoods programme. Check which themes are available in your city on the homepage > Themes and hoods.

Or transform your culinary tour into the perfect teambuilding with "Natural born winners with an appetite". While walkin from the aperitif to the main course and dessert, the teams answer questions, do tasting challenges and other culinary activities where you can to earn points. No prior knowledge is required - just search and guess.

De gids was een topper! Enthousiast, inspelend op de aanwezigen, voorbereid op de persoonlijke info van het gezelschap. De verhalen onderweg smaakten naar meer!

Het geheel zat goed in elkaar, de gids kende zijn vak en het ging niet over de zware geschiedenis, wel over leuke anekdotes en voorvallen.
Het eten was lekker en alle eetlocaties waren uniek.