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Amuse gueule

A culinary city tour with appetizer, starter, main course and dessert (including drinks) at various locations.

p.p. 80 €


A culinary city tour with three different courses from the menu at three different locations (drinks included each time).

p.p. 65 €

Bike tour with lunch

A bicycle tour in and around the city, with a nice lunch (main course + drink) in between.

p.p. 45 €

Day program Liege

A culinary day program with aperitif and appetizers, main course with drinks and, of course, a typical waffle.

p.p. 65 €
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Lunch promenade

A city tour of typical stores to sample different snacks, with lunch at restaurant (drinks included).

p.p. 52 €

Nibbling through the city

A city tour of typical stores to taste different specialties.

p.p. 20 €